Package com.notuvy.util

Various general utilities.


Interface Summary
BooleanStateHandler Handle a change in boolean value of an observable BooleanState.
Progressable An entity that keeps track of progress status.
ValueChangeHandler<T> Handle a change in value of an observable ValueHolder.

Class Summary
ApplicationProperties Basic description
BooleanFlag Create a consequent that is a ValueHolder so that actions can be taken (by an attached handler) when the value is recomputed.
BooleanState A value holder for a boolean variable that implements the Observer pattern.
CompletionTime Calculation of estimated completion time.
Counter Simple logic to store an integer and increment/decrement it.
DependentText Use one of two text values depending on a boolean flag.
DummyProgress Trivial implementation.
FixedWidthText Break long text with word-wrap to lines of maximum length.
Fractional Representation of a numeric real value in the range [0, 1].
GenericConfigurationFile A utility to represent all the application configuration settings as an XML document.
GenericConfigurationFile.TextValueField Process text and store the value locally in a ValueHolder.
HashCrypt Simple rot-13 obfuscation.
IconResource Read a resource from the jar (classpath actually) and return it as an icon.
ImageResource Read a resource from the jar (classpath actually) and return it as an Image.
MainContext The framework for setting up the context for a standalone application.
MultilineString Parse a multiline string into a list of string lines.
MultiplePatternMatcher Match a string against multiple patterns.
NamedListMap<T> A map of String key to a list of T objects.
OSLogic OS specific logic.
PackageResource Read a resource from the jar (classpath actually).
Pair<T1,T2> A container for a pair of objects.
PeriodicSelector A state holder that returns a boolean flag.
PlainTextFilter A tool to transform strings to plain text.
ProductVersion A comparable representation of a software product version.
ProgramLauncher A utlity to launch an external appliction
ReplaceableString Note: This class is legacy logic here to support old code.
SortedCountingSet<T> Mainly present a SortedSet, but keep a count of how many times each entry was added.
StoredCredentials Web FTP credentials.
TextResource Read a resource from the jar (classpath actually) and return it as a string.
Translation<T> A simple utility that adds convenience to lookups beyond what Map defines.
Translation.Rewrite This customizes the lookup behavior.
UniqueId System clock based unique ID generator.
ValueHolder<T> An abstract variable that just has get/set.
WallClock A representation of the current time.

Package com.notuvy.util Description

Various general utilities.

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