NOTUVY regex is a wrapper around the standard Java java.util.regex package. It adds no new functionality, but it makes writing sophisiticated regex logic simpler and cleaner than the standard package.

Project information is available at the (SourceForge) project page. More information is available in the FAQ.


  • Match a string with multiple patterns.
  • Match a pattern against multiple strings.
  • Simplified logic in cascaded if() statements.


The reason that the standard Java regex framework is sometimes inelegant is because it requires two entities -- Pattern and Matcher. This often means that two local variables are required for each comparison. This escalates the complexity and possibility for error as the number of comparison increases.

Clearly the framework was designed for maximum flexibility. This makes it a general purpose tool with much power. But it results in having to do more work for simple logic.

NOTUVY regex fixes this by using only one entity (PatternMatcher), which can be reused for each comparison.

For general concepts, see the NOTUVY regex Concepts and Terminology.

For code examples (contrasting logic between the standard Java library and NOTUVY regex) and more details, see the NOTUVY regex Cookbook.


Follow the link on the lefthand sidebar on this page to download the latest version of NOTUVY regex.


Thanks to JetBrains for supplying an open-source license for IntelliJ (possibly the best Java IDE).