What is NOTUVY regex?

NOTUVY regex is a Java library. It provides a wrapper around the standard Java "java.util.regex" library.

Who would use NOTUVY regex?

It is functionality useful to Java developers. It is expected that the intended audience already has familiarity with regular expressions. In fact, the more experienced someone is at using regular expressions in Java, the more likely they will find NOTUVY useful.

Why would someone use NOTUVY regex?

Although it adds no extra regular expression functionality, it makes writing Java regular expression code simpler, smaller, and more elegant.

For very simple regex usage, NOTUVY regex gives minimal advantage. A common scenario where NOTUVY regex shows its power is the matching of a string against multiple patterns. In addition to making this logic much simpler, it also provides a flexible and powerful way to transform the input string to the desired output string(s).


Where can I see simple examples of how to use NOTUVY regex?

There are several in the cookbook, starting from simple ones to more complicated.