Uses of Class

Packages that use ValueHolder
com.notuvy.clip A framework for accessing and manipulating the system clipboard. 
com.notuvy.gui Utilities for building GUI applications. 
com.notuvy.util Various general utilities. 

Uses of ValueHolder in com.notuvy.clip

Methods in com.notuvy.clip that return ValueHolder
protected static ValueHolder<String> ClipboardAccess.setDummy()
          For unit tests.

Uses of ValueHolder in com.notuvy.gui

Constructors in com.notuvy.gui with parameters of type ValueHolder
LEDLabel(String pText, ValueHolder<Boolean> pController)

Uses of ValueHolder in com.notuvy.util

Subclasses of ValueHolder in com.notuvy.util
 class BooleanFlag
          Create a consequent that is a ValueHolder so that actions can be taken (by an attached handler) when the value is recomputed.

Methods in com.notuvy.util that return ValueHolder
 ValueHolder<T> ValueHolder.addHandler(ValueChangeHandler<T> pHandler)
 ValueHolder<String> GenericConfigurationFile.TextValueField.getValue()
 ValueHolder<T> ValueHolder.removeHandler(ValueChangeHandler<T> pHandler)
 ValueHolder<T> ValueHolder.setNullDefault(T pNullDefault)
          Define how to handle 'null' values.

Constructors in com.notuvy.util with parameters of type ValueHolder
GenericConfigurationFile.TextValueField(String pName, ValueHolder<String> pValue)

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