The classes in NOTUVY Utilities (notuvyutil) are a framework for simple creation of standalone Java applications, along with a few general purpose utilities.

The Utilities and Packages


A framework for accessing the system clipboard.


A command line interpreter.


Various file system utilties.

  • SafeFilename

    Create a file with the given name if no previous file exists. Otherwise, create a number version of the name with the given base.


Utilities to simplify the building of GUI (Swing) interfaces.


Image manipulation utilities.


Various network-based (HTTP, FTP, etc) utilities.


Utility to parse and create RSS podcasts.


A framework to ensure singleton launching of applications.


Principally the SgmlTag class which allows the construction of HTML output via an object model.


A small and very simplified way to bind Java beans to XML. The class SimpleJdom is the base implementation and PersistentJdom extends it to allow the bean to be backed by a file on the file system.

Other Java to XML implementation are available which are complete, powerful, and detailed. This is instead intended to be simple and small so implementations can be quick and easy for applications that do not need a complex solution.


Various general purpose utilities.

  • Counter

    An object holding an integer value that can be incremented/decremented.

  • Fractional

    Representation of a numeric real value in the range [0, 1].

  • IdleMonitor

    Detect when a period of inactivity has taken place in the Swing UI, and trigger an action when that happens.

  • WallClock

    Return system time, but allow unit test logic to configure it to return a fixed time value.

  • BooleanState
  • CompletionTime
  • ContinuousExecution
  • FixedWidthText
  • GenericConfiguration
  • HashCrypt
  • PackageResource
  • MainContext
  • ManifestProperties
  • MultilineString
  • NamedListMap
  • OSLogic
  • Pair
  • PeriodicSelector
  • PlainTextFilter
  • ProgramLauncher
  • Progressable
  • ReplaceableString
  • SortedCountingSet
  • ThreadMonitor
  • ThreadWorker
  • Translation
  • UniqueId
  • ValueHolder

    Hold a reference to any type of object (using generics). One purpose is to allow indirect refernece to the value. The other purpose is to use the Observer pattern to allow decoupled entities to react to changes in value.

  • ValueChangeHandler

    This is an Observer of a ValueHolder, which defines how to react to value changes.