The elegance of a simple machine.

Several open source projects are developed under the NOTUVY umbrella.

Fsgrep Fsgrep is a simple Java application which allows a user to search all files in a directory structure for lines matching a given pattern. Its basic functionality is a combination of the Unix 'find' and 'grep' utilities. Its power is that is allows use of regular expressions in the search pattern, and it also has a multiple-file search and replace functionality.
NOTUVY util General utilities and tools to simplify creating new standalone applications.
NOTUVY measurement A framework for representing measurements, which are defined as a value with an associated unit. Two measurement objects may have different values and different units yet may be equal (e.g. "1500 meters" and "1.5 kilometers"). The framework allows converting measurements to any other unit that it is convertible to (like from miles to millimeters).
NOTUVY singleapp A simple Java framework for making applications singletons. The underlying mechanism uses interprocess communication so that at most one application process is active at a time. A new application invocation either displaces a previous invocation, or it defers to the previous and terminates itself.
NOTUVY regex NOTUVY regex is a wrapper around the standard Java java.util.regex package. It adds no new functionality, but it makes writing sophisiticated regex logic simpler and cleaner than the standard package.